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10th February 2015 - Examples -

This is another example entry.

This is a page where you can combine text and images, is very useful when you want to do an article explaining that it rests with images.

It will be very easy to organize text and images to this mode is that you use the text editor of the article within the management panel of your blog.

1) Images and text on the same line.



Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

Color |

Color photography is a division of the art of photography that comes from developing the technique of color photography.

Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

Black and White |

The black and white photography, sometimes abbreviated as B/N or English B/W (black and white), is an adjectival phrase used primarily in film and photography to describe various forms of visual technology. The black and white photography is characterized by the absence of color, due to their chemical nature, consisting of silver halide. 



2) Images and text interspersed:


The photomontage is the process, and also the result of making a composite illustration of others, it is a kind of collage. This composition can be made by cutting other illustrations gathering a certain number of them. Sometimes the artwork is photographed compound until the final image is a simple photograph.



Arcadina - Website with blog for photographers

The English photographer Henry Peach Robinson (1830-1901) is credited as the first to perform this technique of photomontage, did soon after beginning his career in 1857.



(Source texts: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

86.- Amigas
2.- Vestido
4.- Vistiendole
5.- Zapatos
6.- Corbata
8.- Maquillandose
10.- Vistiendole
12.- Ojos
14.- Vestido
18.- Blanco y Negro
16.- Atenta
17.- Ramo
21.- Zapatos
23.- Previos
24.- Pensamientos
25.- Belleza
26.- Vestido
27.- Feliz
28.- Ole
29.- Hermanas guapas
30.- Amigas
31.- Amiga
32. Con el Ramo
33.- Ultimos retoques
35.- Padre
37.- Madre
38.- Blanco y Negro
39.- Llegada el
40.- Espera
41.- Bromeando
43.- LLegada ella
44.- Con Padre
45.- Juntos
46.- Complices
47.- Vision Global
48.- Leyendo
49.- Feliz
50.- Emocion
51.- Ceremonia
52.- Felicidad
53.- Contenta
54.- Emocion
55.- Ceremonia
56.- Hermana
57.- Nervios
58.- Emocion
59.- Escenario
60.- Entorno trasero
61.- Confirmacion
62.- Union
63.- Alianzas
64.- Beso
66.- Saliendo
67.- Blanco y negro
68.- Felicitacion
69.- Felicitacion
70.- Felicidad
71.- Encantada
72.- Contento
73.- Familia
74.- Adorno
75.- Brindis
76.- Paseo
80.- Tarta
83.- Emocion
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